Deter Burglars and Vandals

Start with a shatter-resistant window film or intrusion deterrence film installation in Warrensburg or Sedalia, MO

Make it harder for burglars and vandals to break into your building. Take advantage of our intrusion deterrence film services. Sideburnz Tint installs shatter-resistant window films on properties within a 120-mile radius of our home base. You'll be impressed by our precise work and excellent customer service.

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You won't regret choosing shatter-resistant window film

Reach out to Sideburnz Tint when you need intrusion deterrence film services in Warrensburg or Sedalia, MO. Shatter-resistant window films are designed to...

  • Hold shattered glass together
  • Reduce the risk of flying glass shards
  • Make it much more difficult to break windows
  • Decrease the risk of injury caused by broken glass
  • Protect occupants and furniture from harmful UV radiation
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How does shatter-resistant glass work?

Shatter-resistant window films are made of thin micro-polyester layers designed to hold broken glass and glazing together. This design helps improve the strength of your glass features by keeping them from completely shattering when struck.

If you want to prevent easy break-ins on your property, you'll need to schedule glass services with Sideburnz Tint ASAP. We'll be happy to install a shatter-resistant window film that boosts your overall safety and security. Speak with someone on our experienced team serving Warrensburg and Sedalia, MO about your project today.